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10 Mouthwatering Authentic Bali Foods

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What is a holiday without tasting the heavenly local culinary offers? When you are spending holiday in Bali, don’t forget to taste the dishes. Bali is known for spicy foods with strong herbs in it. In this article, we will guide you to know more about 10 mouthwatering authentic Bali foods. The list can be longer if we want to conclude all the culinary spots in Bali, but right now we will focus to 10 most popular foods. The taste of these foods is quite distinctive and appetizing. Pick any of these foods that suit to your taste. Enlarge your tasting palette to have new experience in dining! Most of these 10 mouthwatering authentic Bali foods can be found easily around the neighbourhood, and also at fine dining restaurant. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s just start the list!

  1. Nasi Jinggo
    The first list of 10 mouthwatering authentic Bali foods is Nasi Jinggo. This is probably the most popular and affordable choice to fulfill your mouth. Nasi in Indonesia means rice, so the basic element of Nasi Jinggo is the tiny portion of rice. What makes it more unique is it is wrapped with banana leaf. Along with the rice, there will be sliced chicken, fried noodle, and tempe. Don’t forget to complete this menu with the spicy condiment. Most of the time, tourists and local people will ask for another portion to gratify the tummy.(nasi jinggo 1)

    There is no absolute explanation about the meaning of the word “Jinggo”. But some said that this word originally from Hokkien language, jeng go means IDR 1,500. It was closely related with the history. During 1998, when Nasi Jinggo started to be popular, the price of a portion was IDR 1,500. But now, you need to pay around IDR 3,000 to 5,000 to enjoy this tasteful food.

  2. Nasi Tepeng
    The next mouthwatering authentic Bali food is Nasi Tepeng. This rice is closely related with Gianyar. The texture is soft, just like porridge. The rice will be watered with Balinese herbs on it. It is extremely spicy! The vegetables in Nasi Tepeng are red bean, moringa, young jackfruit, and grated coconut are the perfect companion. Don’t forget to add egg and sliced chicken. Similar like Nasi Jinggo, Nasi Tepeng is served with banana leaf.(nasi tepeng)

    If you want to taste Nasi Tepeng while spending holiday in Bali, make sure that you visit Senggol Market in Gianyar. You can find Nasi Tepeng easily there.

  3. Ayam Betutu
    The next mouthwatering authentic Bali food is Ayam Betutu, also known as Chicken Betutu. This is probably the most popular menu in Bali, available along the streets to luxury restaurants. What make Chicken Betutu different with other chicken are the spicy herbs. The spices were inserted inside the chicken. Wrapped with banana leaf, the chicken is grilled with charcoal for 24 hours. The result is a moist, spicy, and savoury chicken. Not only chicken, sometimes they also use duck. While you are in Bali, you can visit Ayam Betutu Men Tempeh in Gilimanuk, and the famous Ayam Betutu Liku.
    (ayam betutu)
  4. Babi Guling
    For non-halal food lovers, it’s not a new thing to know that Babi Guling is the most popular and mouthwatering authentic Bali food. Unlike others, the pork is so soft and rich of herbs. To make it different with other Babi Guling, in Bali the restaurant will insert cassava leaves mixed with basa genep spice to the pig. After that, the pig will be grilled in flame. You can enjoy Babi Guling along with white rice, sate lilit, and jukut ares.
    (gambar babi guling)
    Based on the preference of tourists, there are so many favorite places to enjoy Babi Guling, like Warung Ibu Oka in Ubud, Warung Jero Kawan in Mengwi, and Warung Bu Suci Slingsing in Tabanan. When you are in Denpasar, you can also visit Warung Babi Guling Candra and Warung Babi Guling Pak Dobiel in Nusa Dua.
  5. Lawar Kuwir
    If you are not familiar about this mouthwatering authentic Bali food, let us explain it to you. Lawar is the mix of vegetables and minced meat processed with Balinese traditional spice. Sometimes the people use pork or kuwir, local name for duck. The vegetable used in Lawar Kuwir is bean and grated coconut. It will be perfect if you eat Lawar Kuwir with rice, Ayam Betutu, and jukut ares as the vegetable. You can visit Warung Lawar Kuwir Men Koko in Tabanan and Warung Lawar Kuwir Bu Wit also in Tabanan to taste this unique dish..
    (gambar lawar kuwir)
  6. Sate Lilit
    Yes, this kind of satay is similar to regular satay in Indonesia. But sate lilit is slightly different. The meat will be wrapped around a bamboo or lemongrass stick. Before being wrapped, the meat was minced and mixed with Balinese herbs. The meat will be so moist and delicious. Most of the tourists prefer sate lilit in lemongrass stick, because the taste is better due to the smell. Sate lilit may use any kind of meat, like chicken, pork, or mackerel. The latter is the one that you have to try!
  7. Rujak Kuah Pindang
    Have you ever try rujak with tuna fish soup? This rujak is spicy and fresh by the mango slice and pindang soup. You can mix any of the soup content with any fruits. The other name of this dish is rujak bulung. Make sure that you try this unique dish while in Bali. Try in Warung Rujak Kuah Pindang Bo Hwa or Warung Rujak Glogor both in Denpasar.
    (gambar rujak pindang)
  8. Serombotan
    It’s time for us to introduce Balinese salad to you, called Serombotan. This vegetable mix comes fro Klungkung, Bali. It’s like a mix of bean, spinach, eggplant, kale, and bean sprouts. The herb is called Kalas, thick sauce made of local herbs. When you taste this menu, you will feel a hint of spicy and coconut spices.
    (gambar serombotan)
  9. Nasi Campur
    Similar like Nasi Jinggo and Nasi Tepeng, Nasi Campur is known as one of mouthwatering authentic Bali food. What are the components of a plate of Nasi Campur? Rice, sate lilit, minced chicken with Basa Genep spice, urap, and chicken lawar. It will be great to add sambal matah or sambal embe, the authentic chili from Bali. Don’t be surprised if you see different menu in each restaurant throughout Bali. Choose the one that suits your taste. For reference, you can visit Nasi Ayam Men Weti in Sanur, Nasi Ayam Bu Oki in Jimbaran, and Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Bu Mangku in Ubud.
  10. Tipat Blayag
    The last mouthwatering authentic Bali food is Tipat Blayag from Buleleng. It looks like rice cake with coconut spice. The spice of Blayag is made of rice flour and Balinese spice. The texture is creamy with the mix of chicken finger, chicken, vegetables, and soy. To taste this dish, just come to Singaraja.
    (gambar tipat blayag)

So that’s a wrap of 10 mouthwatering authentic Bali foods that can be your reference during holiday in Bali. Go discover and enjoy the appetizing dishes!


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