3 Must Visit Islands Around Bali (Part 2)

by February 18, 2018
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Still in this post about 3 must visit islands around Bali, previously we have talked about the beauty of Nusa Penida. There are numerous activities that you can do while in Nusa Penida. But the enjoyment won’t stop there. You can visit 2 other islands, which are Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. We have talked about Nusa Penida in the previous post, so now it’s time to know more about Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. They offer natural beauty that you can’t resist!

Actually these 2 islands located near to each other, you can visit both by crossing the Yellow Bridge or known as Jembatan Kuning for local people. Ride a motorcycle to make your trip easier, you can rent and drive it by yourself or rent the driver called as Ojek. Are you ready to plan the holiday to Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan? Don’t worry, these 3 must visit islands around Bali will never disappoint you. Let’s start from the first island, Nusa Lembongan.

The Beauty of Nusa Lembongan

For most tourists, they will reach Nusa Lembongan by fast boat from Sanur, Bali. There are many boat services that you can choose. If you go on solo trip, just choose the schedule according to your itinerary. But if you are having a holiday with family or friends, you can also consider to rent a boat. Each boat services has different offer and price, so you can choose according to your budget. Mostly there are 3 schedules for a day, from Nusa Lembongan to Sanur and conversely. So you can also plan in advance to have a day trip or spend couple of days in the island.

Explore the Nusa Lembongan Island

No need to worry on how to explore the island, you can ask your travel agent the option to have a trip around Nusa Lembongan, instead of car. Usually they offer for motorcycle rent, with or without the driver. The rate is usually a bit higher compared to bigger island like Nusa Penida or Bali, but it will be worth it. By riding motorcycle, you can reach many places within a day. It will be a bonus if you get the driver who knows a lot about the island.

Tropical weather and bright sun means time to relax and have a sip of fresh juice. In Nusa Lembongan, there are a lot of cafe and restaurant that you can choose. But to relieve your thirst, you may consider to give Bali Eco Deli a visit. Bali Eco Deli is small cafe located in the heart of Nusa Lembongan. It is not too far from Jungut Batu beach. This cafe is open from 7am until 9pm. What are the must try menus in this cafe? Try their fresh juice and smoothies bowl! They keep the quality and freshness as their trademark.

bali eco deli - baliecodeli.net

Credit : baliecodeli.net

Next stop? Devil’s Tear might be perfect for your itinerary! The location is not too far from Dream Beach. Similar like Waterblow in Nusa Dua Bali, Devil’s Tear is known for the corals and big waves. Devil’s Tear is actually a reef where you can see the sea and enjoy splash of big waves. The main thing that attracts the tourist is how the waves hit the coral and create a huge splash. Experience it by yourself!

Devil's Tear Bali

Credit : Sharonlohh

Next? Nusa Ceningan Island

After spending your holiday at Nusa Lembongan Island, the fun is not over yet. All you have to do is just cross the Yellow Bridge and voila! You have arrived at Nusa Ceningan. This is the perfect place for you who love challenge.

If you are an adrenaline-junkie, try the Abyss Zipline! You can access this challenging attraction at Ceningan Island Resort. By experiencing Abyss Zipline, you will feel like flying above the sea! When you try this extreme kind of flying fox, the team will supervise and ensure your safety. Prepare around 50,000 rupiah to fly above Nusa Ceningan. You will be spoiled by the beauty of this one of 3 must visit islands around Bali from above.


Credit – linafossaa

Do you think it’s over? Not yet. Again, for adrenaline junkie, try to jump off the cliff at Mahana Point. This place is located at Ceningan Street, Ceningan Kawan. Actually Mahana Point is a little bar above the cliff in Nusa Ceningan. But if you have the gut, you can try to jump off to the cliff while visiting this bar. But if you are not sure to do this, you can just relax sipping the drink at this bar. As a bonus, you can see the surfer in front of the bar! A lot of tourists agree that this bar has the greatest spot to view the sea and whole landscape of Nusa Ceningan.

mahana point Bali

Credit : travel pirate

When you explore the southeastern coast area of Nusa Ceningan, there will be vast seaweed farm. Yes, seaweed farming is one of primary jobs for people in Nusa Ceningan. There are at least 310 hecrates in this island dedicated for seaweed farming. The farmers plant the brown and green seaweed. They do the farming activities both in the middle of the day and night. They can gather more seaweed if the tide is low. It’s unusual and interesting to see the activities of seaweed farmer here. Don’t hesitate to approach and ask about their daily life. They will be very open to greet you.

Seaweed Bali

Credit : deviatingthenorm.com

Another outdoor activity to do in one of 3 must visit islands around Bali is playing around Blue Lagoon. It is located in Southern area of Nusa Ceningan. The water is awesome, mixture of deep blue and turqoise. Don’t be surprised if the time goes by so quick when you feel the peace in this place! Still, for adrenaline junkie, some will try to do cliff jumping in here.

Blue Lagon Bali

Credit : Sharonlooh

To sum up the day, it will be delightful to enjoy the sunset. Yes, you can get beautiful view of Bali’s famous sunsets in 3 must visit islands around Bali. When the sun is at the horizon, make sure that you are already sit approaching the South of the equator. By doing this way, the athmosphere will be thick and the sunset will give a blush of red in the sky. Amazingly breathtaking! If you have no idea where to go chasing sunset, just ask the local people. They will be warmly answer your curiosity. Usually, the spot for hunting sunset is also occupied with bar or cafe to spoil you. And what about after enjoying the sunset? You can still look for another fun way to explore the island! Bali will never stop offering the beauty and amazing experiences, including in these 3 must visit islands around Bali.


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