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5 Holiday Activities While in Ubud

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It’s a common agreement that Ubud is one of the best places to spend holiday in Bali. It is located in Gianyar, and known for the magnificent rice fields. Unlike other places in Bali, Ubud offers great experience and different ambience. You will feel peace and quiet life in Ubud. As the popularity rises, Ubud now is becoming one of popular places. That’s why a lot of tourists prefer Ubud to other places. There are things that only Ubud can offer to you. Currently, Ubud is the center of hippie life in Indonesia. If you think that this situation will make Ubud be more crowded than it used to be, don’t worry. Ubud will always be peaceful destination for everyone. In this article, we have summarized 5 holiday activities while in Ubud. So if you are thinking about what to do while in Ubud, check out this post! Before talking about these interesting activities, let’s dig the background of Ubud first.

Ubud: Art and Culture

The ultimate distinction of Ubud compared to other places is the touch of art. The people in Ubud are living within the art. Ther

e are a lot of art galleries here. They also always conduct musical and dance performance in many areas. Every single corner in Ubud always represents the art taste of Balinese people. Tourists tend to choose Ubud to escape the busy urban life. They will find quiet and peaceful life in here.


The popularity of Ubud has become stronger after the shooting of movie titled Eat, Pray, Love. The lead actress, Julia Roberts, did the shooting in Ubud for many scenes within the movie. It grew popularity to Ubud even more. The scenes that Julia Roberts brought have inspired many local people to conduct things to do like our 5 holiday activities while in Ubud. But long before the movie was taken in Ubud, the place has the authentic ambience for those who are looking for peace.

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Lonely Planet acknowledged Ubud as the right place for spiritual awakenings. Unlike many other holidays with full itinerary, spending time in Ubud will make you know more about yourself. It is closely related with spiritual awakenings, because you will have plenty of time to think about life and what has happened to you. Ubud is also the place for culture. There are a lot of places that offer you to see the authentic culture of Bali. You can choose which one suits you the best from 5 holiday activities while in Ubud.

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5 Holiday Activities While in Ubud

The summary of 5 holiday activities while in Ubud will focus on the main characteristics, which are art and culture. These 2 prominent things are basic things that will lead you to have peaceful soul. The lists will include green and healthy lifestyle, to differentiate it with holiday activities in other areas in Bali. So before you arrange the itinerary, let’s consider these 5 holiday activities while in Ubud:

Eat in Healthy Lifestyle
If you think that holiday is the time to enjoy numerous culinary treats, maybe it’s not for everyone. Some tourists in Ubud follow the healthy lifestyle. Not just eating in proper composition, but healthy in Ubud is closely related to vegan lifestyle. It is proofed that Ubud has become the destination for living a healthy lifestyle. To emphasize it, see that now there are a lot of vegetarian restaurants and cafetarias along the street of Ubud. TripAdvisor even summarized the 10 best vegetarian restaurants in Ubud here. By our recommendation, you can choose places like:

    • KAFE to enjoy breakfast since 7.30am. They are organically inspired, offers wide range of healthy flavoursome food for you. You can easily spot KAFE in Hanoman Street, Ubud. This place got 2017 certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor.
      (foto KAFE di sini)
    • Down to Earth is located in Lesmana/ Oberoi street. Established in 2002, this place has grown to be Bali’s trusted health food restaurants. They even have vegetarian chef, nutritionist, and macrobiotic educator.
      Down To Earth was created in 2002, originally a home-based kitchen that has grown and developed into Bali’s best known and trusted health food restaurants and marketplaces.
    1. Museum Visits
      Just like what we mentioned above, other option for 5 holiday activities while in Ubud is visiting the museum. There are a lot of museums in Ubud, the place with rich cultural and art heritage. The places are so great and you will get to know better the culture of Balinese people. Do you have no idea where to go? Try these museums:
    • An artist from Philippines named the same like the museum established Don Antonio Blanco Museum in 1998. If you visit this museum, they will greet you with creativity talent of Bianco in combining art from Bali and his origin. He was married to Balinese dancer named Ni Ronji. This place has great historical story.
    • Neka Art Museum is located in Campuhan Raya Street, not too far from Kedewatan Village in Ubud. The name Neka was taken from a Balinese teacher, Suteja Neka who loved to collect painting as artistic documentation.

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    1. Meditation
      When you are staying in peaceful place, it’s the time to do meditation and reach back to your soul. Yes, Ubud is the answer for meditation. Most importantly, you don’t need to look for any specific place because all the corners in Ubud can be the place for meditation. But if you want to have instruction from the expert, don’t hesitate to join meditation groups in Ubud.
    2. Yoga

    If you are an expert in yoga, don’t miss the chance to do yoga in Ubud. This is the right place for doing yoga. One of the most recommended places to do yoga is The Yoga Barn. This is the largest retreat centre in South Asia established in 2007. This place is open since 7am to 9pm with 15 classes to choose from.

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    1. Natural Spa

    The last from 5 holiday activities while in Ubud is enjoying natural spa. By natural, it means that you will be blended with the nature. The recommended places to enjoy spa is SANG Spa to relieve your stress after doing activities the whole day. Besides SANG Spa, there are still a lot of spa services that you can enjoy while in Ubud.

    These are 5 holiday activities in Ubud that will make your holiday feels unforgettable. Make the most of your time in Ubud, because the peaceful ambience will make days countless here.

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