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by February 11, 2018
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For any tourists, who can resist the offer to spend holiday in Bali? It must be so tempting and challenging at the same time! There are a lot of touristy activities that you can do. The beauty of Bali’s landscape, authentic and traditional culinary range, and also the ambience of holiday in Bali will also relax you.

But before arranging your itinerary, seat back and relax. Take your time to see when is the best time to visit Bali. Located in Indonesia, Bali has 2 seasons: rainy and dry season. Which season is the best time to visit Bali? Let’s dig into it by talking about Bali in the beginning.

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The Tropical Bali

Located just under the equator, Bali has tropical climate. It is located between 2 continents, Asia and Australia. 2 other oceans also located near Bali, which are Indian and Pacific Oceans. When we are talking about tropical climate places, it means the temperature will be around 25 until 31 degree Celsius. Considering this temperature, here are some hints: pack light and sweat-absorbing clothes and bring along your favourite hats! The next consideration will be about the time: when is the best time to visit Bali? Rainy season? Nope. During rainy season, there will be no way to enjoy the beaches in Bali. You probably get stuck inside the hotel waiting for the rain goes away. Who wants to spend the holiday just staying in the hotel and unable to explore the city? So, we’ve reach one point: visit Bali during dry season.

What’s Next?

After choosing the season, another thing to be considered is the month. We need specific time to arrange the holiday, don’t we? It’s related to the airlines ticket, clothes, itinerary, and even the activity during holiday! The dry season in Indonesia mostly occur during March until October. But frankly speaking, we can’t simply follow that rules because there are deviance of weather nowadays. Sometimes the rain keeps coming in March or even April. But let’s narrow it down to those 6 months: April, May, June, July, August, and September.


Like what we mentioned before, sometimes the rain still comes during April. So if you don’t want your itinerary be bothered by the season, hold your ticket and choose the next month.


After long rainy season, May will be a good choice to visit Bali. The sun shines, but the temperature is not too hot. This is the perfect time to visit the rice fields in Ubud. But please bring along your flip-flop inside your bag, no one can predict that the rain will come at any time!


The strong wind inspired local people to held annual kite festival in this month. The temperature will be around 30 degree Celsius. Wear your sunglasses and beach hat along the exploring time. But don’t be surprise if the airline ticket during this month is a bit pricey compared to previous months. In Indonesia, it’s the time when the school kids are having holiday! And Bali is one of their favourite destinations to spend the holiday along with big family.


During July until August, the nearest continent from Bali, Australia, is having winter season. Thus, Bali will get cool air from Australia. So that will be a perfect combination. The sun shines brightly, cloudless sky, but the air is cool. This month is perfect for people who love surfing. The wind is strong and challenging for them.


The sun is getting brighter in this month! Wear sunblock to protect your skin. This is the perfect time for you who want to get tanned. Spend most of your time at beautiful beaches in Bali without having to worry about the rain. Spend your holiday in outdoors and maximize the long daylight. Bring along your favourite book and be ready to forget about the clock and indulge yourself in the beach!


This month is probably also the favourite month according to the tourists. Does it mean that Bali will be packed of people? No worries, during September the students have finished their holiday. Better yet, there will be less crowded. Allocate your time to hunt the sunrise and witness sunset from the best spots in Bali! The weather during September is also still humid.

Pick Your Date

So those are the reasons for you to visit Bali. You can choose which one that suits you the most. Well everyone has his or her own preference when spending holiday, right? Maybe some prefer to spend whole day at the beach. Many choose to do cafe hopping and taste the authentic culinary from Bali. Some others would like to experience the nightlife in Bali. The preference of holiday theme also does matter. Some would like to learn about Bali’s culture, the others want to follow and seek the unusual trip in Bali. There are also tourists who leave the itinerary and just follow their mood to spend the holiday. Which type are you? No matter what you want, pick the best time to visit Bali, and also consider your budget.

After 6 months being elaborated above, don’t close the opportunity to visit Bali during another months. It’s no problem to visit Bali during rainy season! Each month, Bali always has something to be offered that you won’t regret to see. Experience it by yourself. No matter what the season is, you will feel happy spending holiday in Bali. There will always be activities to choose in Bali, like biking, horse riding, cafe hopping, yoga, city tour, night clubbing, and so many other interesting things.

Or maybe you need to suit the time visiting Bali according to your special moments? Like anniversary, birthday, or special celebration? If that’s the case, then you don’t need to consider too many things. The tourist who commented on this forum from Trip Advisor have their own preferences. Just plan the trip, buy the ticket, and leave. During holiday, you will be able to learn how to manage and make the most of your holiday moments. Bali will never disappoint you, no matter when you decide to visit this island! What are you waiting for? There are numerous attractions that you can enjoy in Bali, during sunny and rainy season. Have a nice holiday!


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