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Enjoy Biking Tours When in Bali

Posted at February 25th, 2018 | Categorised in Adventure, Transport, Travel guides, Trip ideas, Ubud

One of the perks of having holiday in Bali is you can arrange the itinerary like you want. Be it quiet and simple mode, the hype and full effort trip, or filled with your hobby. You can choose anything! If you like physical activity, then you might consider enjoying biking tours when in Bali! There are a lot of physical activities that you can do in Bali, like horse riding, rafting, running, and one that we are going to talk about in this article is biking tour.

There are a lot ways to enjoy biking tours when in Bali. You can do it by yourself. To do it, all you have to do is just renting a bike that suit to your preference. This is proper option for person who has experience-exploring Bali. The person must be familiar with the route. But it’s not recommended for first-time biker. Another option to enjoy biking tours when in Bali is do it by joining vendors. There are so many vendors that you can choose to enjoy biking tours when in Bali, like what TripAdvisor had summarized it for you here. Each vendor will offer different route, facility, and service. You can choose any vendor or agent that you think is the most suitable for your style. Remember, not everyone has the same style in spending their time, including how to enjoy biking tours when in Bali. Don’t get tempted by one agent that is most popular on the Internet because it may different for each of you.

Elaborating more about how to enjoy biking tours when in Bali, we will classify different styles according to the place. It will be about enjoy biking tours in Ubud. We hope it can help you to arrange the biking tours easily.

Benefits of Having Biking Tours

If you are still wondering what are the effects that will give you benefit from allocating your time for biking tours, here are the lists:

  • Active motion while biking will be great for your blood circulation and health
  • Enjoying Bali’s nature and beautiful scenery in a whole different way like usual
  • Get to know new people by joining biking tours in group
  • The owner or guide of biking tours agent mostly always has great stories to share with
  • Spotting new and hidden gem around your area that you won’t notice if not by cycling
  • Get the fresh air in Bali if you are doing this early in the morning
  • Interact with local people who are very friendly and warm

And the list will go on… Now it’s time to conquer about biking tours in each area. Let’s start from Ubud, the place with its Tegalalang magnificent view.

Enjoy Biking Tours in Ubud: Quiet and Greenies Everywhere

For you who feel that physical activity during holiday is important, please consider enjoying biking tours when in Bali. This is also the most comfortable and friendly choice for toddler and children. They will be put in back seat and guided safely by the expert. In Ubud, there are many vendors that can help you to enjoy biking tours when in Bali. Considering that Ubud located a bit high, mostly the route will be downhill from 1300 meters elevation level. The route will be going down until around 800 meters elevation. Here are the biking tour operators that you can choose:

  1. eBikes Bali Electric Cycling Tours
    The first option to enjoy biking tours when in Ubud is eBikes Bali Electric Cycling Tours. Just like the name, they use electric bike, combination of bicycle and motorcycle that you can adjust according to your preference. This vendor is located at Tirta Tawar, Ubud. They are open since 8am until 9pm. The biking route will start from North Ubud, going through local villages, and of course emerald green rice fields. The guide speaks English fluently and will give you experience to discover temples in Ubud.

    Bali Travel Guide


    The highlight of Ubud is of course the Tegalalang rice terraces, who is known as UNESCO world heritage site. The other route is from Sanur to Ubud. In TripAdvisor, this vendor has great feedback and most tourists will repeat to have eBikes Bali Electric Cycling Tours as their vendor. For half-day biking tour, the price starts from 575,000 rupiah for 3 hours biking tours. The tour will be categorized for 2 zone, at 9am and 3pm. Don’t forget to bring your hat and wear your glasses if you choose to do the latter trip!

  2. Greenbike Cycling Tour
    Second recommended vendor in Ubud is Greenbike Cycling Tour. It is located in Banjar Pejengaji, and has long experience for 13 years in conducting biking tours for tourists. Most of the users are satisfied with the service and guide quality. By joining this trip, you can enjoy biking tours when in Bali and discover the green landscapes of Ubud. The hidden gems along the path will spoil you.

    Bali Travel Guide


    Don’t hesitate to join the team to build the opportunity knowing young people and the nature. Their tagline is work with love, that’s why you will definitely feel loved by their service! Maybe that’s the reason why Greenbike Cycling Tour got the certificate of excellence 3 years in a row, from 2015 to 2016 until 2017 by TripAdvisor. The cycling tour starts from 500,000 rupiah for 7 hours. But what makes Greenbike Cycling Tour different with other vendor is they also combine biking tours with ATV and rafting! Sure they will give you magnificent and unforgettable experience. Don’t bother to look for the meeting point; they will be gladly to pick you up from your hotel!

  3. Jegeg Bali Cycling Tours
    Located in Banjar Sala, Pejeng Kawan, Jegeg Bali Cycling Tour is also one of most favorite vendors in TripAdvisor. Most tourists who have experienced biking tours with Jegeg Bali gave positive feedback for this vendor. By joining Jegeg Bali tour, you can see Balinese culture and interacting with local people as well. The price of biking tours starts from 550,000 rupiah according to the route and facilities.

    bali travel guide


    Not just cycling, your trip will be started with fancy breakfast close to Kintamani. You can enjoy your meal with Mount Batur in the background. The turqoise water from Batur Lake will also accompany you to start the day. Most of the route will pass through rice paddies and village temples. Beyond that, the guide will give you brief explanation about the rural Balinese village and also the culture in Ubud. They even will ask you to visit Balinese family to see their daily routine! This activity is the most favorite for all tourists!

Those are recommended vendors for you to enjoy biking tours when in Bali, especially in Ubud. Find the one that suits your needs and make sure to double-check the review. Besides these 3 agents, there are still a lot of vendors that will give you pleasant experience to enjoy biking tours when in Bali! Good luck and have a lovely biking tour!

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