Preparation Before You Go to Bali Indonesia

by January 5, 2018
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Visiting Bali is as beautiful as living your dream holiday. The warm tropical climate provides the best atmosphere to make a wonderful journey. Planning your trip is as easy as you flip your hand with the help of our tourism guidance which has everything you need. Just sit and relax while noting some useful information below, since your perfect holiday is only as perfect as your plan.

Prior to Bali, to note are:

Step 1# Determine the best time to Bali

Best Time to Bali

Bali has long been known as the most beautiful tropical island paradise in the world. It is evident that millions of tourists from all over the world visit the sandy beach on the island each year. The attraction of Bali’s most famous among others Sun, surf, as well as a unique and vibrant culture of the majority Hindu population on the island.

Find out the best time to travel to Bali can be very vital in the planning so that they can enjoy a vacation that’s truly amazing in the island of the gods. Here is the best time to visit Bali is based on the types of activities will you do the traveling.

  1. Best time Make the lovers of Outdoor activities

If it walks, trekking, snorkeling, or other outdoor activities are things that you like, it might be better to travel to Bali in the dry season. Like most other tropical island, Bali has two distinct seasons, the rainy season and the dry season.

The rainy season generally falls between November and April. In this season the days can be quite humid and wet. The temperature ranges between 26 and 35 degrees Celsius, and it usually rains every day for at least a few hours.

While the dry season usually lasts from from May to October when the days are usually sunny and the temperature ranges between 23 and 31 degrees Celsius. This is a great time to visit there and do any outdoor activity.

  1. Want a relaxing vacation? Avoid Busy months in Bali

In addition to the conscious with the Bali weather patterns also create important traveler to realize solid seasons there. Due to its popularity as a tourist destination is already very famous, Bali has a high holiday season and holiday season.

If you want a relaxing holiday there then avoid travelling to Bali in the months of July, August and September. This is the busiest months there because many tourists vacationing on the moon. Plus the Christmas holidays and the new year, Bali will be packed with a sea of humans.

To get the peace and quiet you can come outside the holiday season. Moments that may cause you to get discount price while visiting there.

  1. Best time to Bali for surfers

Bali surfing destinations are Rober Southeast Asia then it is no wonder many surfers plan their trips to Bali only to hunt for waves. Well if you are one of the lovers of surfing it’s good to know the pattern of the waves there.

During November-April East coast of Bali will be forged with big waves, so this is a good time for experienced surfers to menakhlukkan violently the waves of Bali.

Then in April and October, the West coast of Bali got wind heavy and large to medium sized waves, good for intermediate and advanced surfers. For starters, the months between March and November is a good time to learn how to surf on the beaches of the South, such as the waves are quite friendly and pleasant weather.

Overall if you want a perfect vacation in Bali which includes the weather is nice, lots of outdoor activities, freedom from the crowd much and cheap prices, the best time is in may, June or October. soon plan a vacation there

Step 2# Determine the purpose of tourist destinations to be visited

Everyone has different wishes for a vacation. There is nothing like the activity, there is nothing like the natural landscape, there are fond of culinary. So here below we try to mention various destinations so your reference for a vacation to Bali

Best Destination in Bali

Southern Bali (Tanah Lot, Nusa Dua, Denpasar, Jimbaran, Kuta, Legian, Sanur, Seminyak) Denpasar is the capital of Bali. This is the administrative center of Bali. If you need a nuanced food seafood, Jimbaran is the most appropriate place. At night, it would be better to look for life in Kuta which is full of nightlife, shopping, parties and some events are always held in Kuta. No different from Kuta, Legian area also provided plenty of entertainment be it a bar or a restaurant. Sanur Bali historically has its charm. Sanur Beach you can see the island of Nusa Penida. If you want a place that is not too crowded, you can choose a less lively Seminyak hotels but there are many choices resort, villa, restaurants and also a bar.

Central Bali (Tabanan, Ubud, Bedugul) Central Bali is located in the mountainous area. Central Bali is the Centre of Balinese culture. Central Bali could not miss to visit. One of the botanical garden which is in Bedugul, Candikuning’s market, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan.

Tabanan also has the charm of Mount Batukaru and black sand beaches of Tabanan, Bali. Tabanan became main access towards the western part of Bali. If you want the road, Ubud is the right choice because it is surrounded by mountain ranges. Ubud is home to Bali handicrafts. Ubud is also the place for monkey conservation especially in the area of the temple that is located in Ubud. Monkey forest Ubud is also known by the name of Mandala Tour Wenara Wana.

West Bali (Gilimanuk, Negara, Beach Madewi, Pemuteran, Menjangan Island, West Bali National Park) The western part of Bali is the main access by road which connected with a ferry that served on the ship. Gilimanuk is a gateway to bali from Bali. If you want to find ox racing, country is the place to watch the race.

In the Negara there are also pura Rambut Siwi. One of the beaches that are suitable for the surfers, please come to Madewi Beach. Its shores surrounded village really nuanced. One of the Bali National Park not to be missed is the Menjangan island which is the West Bali National Park. Menjangan island became one of the destinations for divers of the world.

In addition to Menjangan, the scuba diver also chose Pemuteran as a wonderful place to enjoy the enchantment under the sea of Bali. On the other hand Here will give you a very beautiful mountain scenery. West Bali National Park is perfect for those who love hiking and tracking. As the awake collection of the bird is quite alluring.

North Bali (Seririt, Lovina, Singaraja) Lovina beach is a prima donna in North Bali. Here you can watch dolphins in its natural habitat. If you want to visit the largest city in the northern part of Bali, you can visit the Singaraja is the administrative center of Bali.

East Bali (Mount Agung, Besakih Temple, the port of Padang Bai, Amed, Candidasa, Klungkung, Kintamani and Tirta Gangga) The beach with black sand, tropical forests and views of Mount Agung, Bali East Bali area describes. From here also the access to Lombok via the port of Padang Bai.

The Southeastern Part Of The Island Of Bali Some destinations the diver more obtained in this part of the island. Some of them such as Nusa Lembongan, Amed, Kintamani and Tirta Gangga.

Step 3# Choose your accommodation For Stay

In choosing the accommodation there is certainly a lot of consideration. Because there are many factors that determine the better stay where. And of course each has drawbacks and advantages of each. In terms of location and type

So we try the auto summary some accommodations might be able to help you to determine the proper accommodation during your holiday in bali.

Based On Location Based On Type
Canggu Apartment
Umalas Hostel
Kerobokan Homestay
Seminyak Hotel *
Legian Hotel ***
Kuta Hotel ****
Jimbaran Hotel *****
Uluwatu Resort
Nusa Dua Cottages
Benoa Luxury Resort
Sanur Private
  • Please click upon which you want

Step 4# Select the transport that will be used

Service Providers List of Car Rental in Bali

In Bali there are several transport in use,

Rent a Cars

For groups with a number of lots, rental car could be the right choice. Together visiting various tourist destinations in bali will be very memorable

see the service providers list of car rental in bali

Rent a motorbike

To travel just 2 people or 12 people motorbike is the right solution, in addition to being able to avoid the traffic jam. Rent a motorbike can be more cost effective and more efficient.

see Motorbike rental service providers list in bali

Conventional Taxi

Conventional taxis can also use might be to just dropp airport to hotel only. Because if the tour using the taxi would be so bloated costs.

Online Taxi (Uber/Grab/Gojek)

To travel a short distance online taxi options most appropriate. Like just looking for a meal, visit the shopping. You can download an application on a smartphone to start wearing this online taxi service. There is 3 taxis online in Indonesia, namely the Uber, Grabb and Gojek.

Step 5# Choose where to eat

Ayam Betutu Bali

Ayam Betutu Bali

For culinary, Bali many options that you can select. From fine dining to the roadside stalls. In the area of tourist areas like kuta will be found in a variety of dining options. Don’t worry your hunger while in Bali. If you don’t want to get out of the hotel, you can use the online service taxi. Like Go-Food. You just stay in the hotel’s sitting and waiting for the food to arrive. Very easy is not it?

Another one for muslim tourists, please keep in mind to always choose halal food stall or muslim. Because of the many restaurants in Bali with universal menu contains ingredients that are not allowed for Muslims.

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Additional Information :

How to Bali

There are many ways towards bali, include:

  • through the air – you can book airfare toward I Gusti Ngurairai Denpasar Bali Airport.
  • the conveyance – from Java, you can via the Gilimanuk seaport that is the crossing of Banyuwangi. For other ports could be from Padangbai, Benoa, Sanur


For foreign nationals, in addition to a valid passport for up to 6 months after the arrival of foreign tourists (except from the ASEAN countries) must have a visa to visit Bali. A number of countries must obtain a visa at the Embassy before leaving for Bali Indonesia. However, most tourists can get a visa on arrival for a period of 30 days.

Police phone numbers

  • Denpasar: Jl Ahmad Yani. + 62 361 225456.
  • Sanur: Jl By Pass Ngurah Rai. + 62 361 288597.
  • Jl Raya Kuta Tuban. + 62 361 751598
  • Nusa Dua: JL. Nusa Dua Pass By. + 62 361 772110.


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