Rafting in Bali, Perfect Choice for Adrenaline Junkie

by March 1, 2018

If you are kind of person who likes challenge during holiday, then rafting might be one of your bucket list. Well, it’s not too much challenging actually, because white water rafting in Bali has easy route. It’s considered as one of easy options to spend holiday for tourists, including for you who never try rafting before. In this article, we will talk about rafting in Bali, perfect choice for adrenaline junkie. So when you are looking for another activity during your holiday, read thoroughly this article as the guide for doing rafting.

Easy Rafting in Bali

It’s common that rafting in Bali is not too much challenging. But it’s good, though. Rafting in Bali is perfect for adrenaline junkie. Mostly rafting is conducted at 2 rivers, which are Ayung and Telaga Waja River. Most tourists will try rafting at Ayung River, because the track is simple and easy. While in Telaga Waja, the track is more challenging. We will elaborate about this later. Besides these 2 rivers, there are another options to do rafting in Bali. When you do rafting, you will conquer the river with high stream. This activity will challenge your adrenaline. You will do rafting in team, with one expert as the leader. It’s important to have good teamwork while doing rafting because it defines how your team will go through the obstacles. When you belong into a good team, each of the members will automatically handle the proper way to manage the inflatable boat. The job will be different according to the position on the boat. Another thing that is important to note when you decide to do rafting is your health. Make sure that you are in good condition to enjoy the adrenaline rush! Next, we will mention the places to do rafting in Bali, perfect choice for adrenaline junkie. We will compare through brief explanation so that you can choose which one suits you the best.

Rafting in Ayung River

Like what we mentioned above, doing rafting in Ayung River is the least challenging compared to other rivers. There are 4 levels of rafting difficulty, starting from 1 to 4. Ayung River is in the second level. For you who already tried rafting before, doing it in Ayung River will be less challenging. It is safe even for children. The obstacles are not too many, just like river trip. 90 percent of your journey will be done by the guide what sits in front row. Even if you are not moving your paddle, the boat will keep on track.

(gambar ayung river di sini)

The route of rafting in Ayung River is around 12 kilometres. For you who never do any rafting before, Ayung River is the perfect choice. It is important to know the risk of doing rafting, so you should begin it with the easy one. Ayung River is located in Ubud, Gianyar. You can try the service since 08.30am until 4pm. The price ranges from around 400,000 rupiah per person.

Next Level: Rafting in Telaga Waja 

What about rafting in Telaga Waja? According to the level, Telaga Waja is in the third level. Actually it’s not too difficult, but in the end of journey, you have to cross the stream in artificial waterfall. This part is the most challenging. But besides that, all the obstacles are rather easy. Telaga Waja is known for the crystal clear water, accompanied with fresh air along the route. In Telaga Waja, the track will be around 16 kilometres.

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During doing rafting, you will see 3 waterfalls. You can see rice fields and local village along the track. Telaga Waja is located in Muncan Village, Karangasem. You can start the trip since 9am until 4pm. The price for each person starts from 450,000 rupiah and may change according to the season.

Rafting in Natural Klungkung

If you are staying near Klungkung, then you may consider Melangit River. Rafting in Bali, perfect choice for adrenaline junkie will be great if it’s suited with your needs. Total track in Melangit River is 7,5 kilometres. The place is so close to natural landscape. It is located in Klungkung, Bali. You can start the journey since 8.30am and ask for a trip. You can do it in-group along with other tourists or with your own team. During the rafting session, you can also see how local people do their daily activity.

(gambar melangit di sini)

The Historical Pakerisan River

Do you ever heard about Tampaksiring castle in Gianyar, Bali? One of the places to do rafting in Bali, perfect for adrenaline junkie is at Pakerisan River. This place has meaningful historical story, closely related to Indonesia’s first President, Soekarno. Rafting in Pakerisan River is very quiet and peaceful. The track for rafting in here is around 4,5 kilometers, with low obstacles along the route. You can start the journey since 9am in the morning. The price for each person starts from 300,000 rupiah.

Rafting in Petanu, the Rocky River

The next idea to do rafting in Bali, perfect for adrenaline junkie is along Petanu River. The icon of rafting route in Petanu River is big rock. Local government along with the people around Petanu River give big attention toward the cleanliness of this river. They know that Petanu is known as one of tourism destinations in Bali. Petanu is located in Gianyar, Bali. Most of the rafting vendors in Bali provide pick up service from your hotel. Don’t hesitate to contact them about your needs.

Penet River: Rafting for Beginner

While for beginner, another option to do rafting in Bali is at Penet River. Many tourists choose this river because the route is not too difficult. So doing rafting in this river is a perfect choice. During the trip, you will see some waterfalls. There are also natural caves, adding the exotism of this river. The price for each person starts from 225,000 rupiah. Penet River is located in Klungkung, Bali.

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The Fresh Rafting Track: Unda River

Located near Telaga Waja, Unda River has become new place for rafting in Bali. There are a lot of people talking about this, including local and foreign tourists. They offer the best tourism package in Bali, combined with clean water and great view. Unda is also located in Klungkung, Bali. The price is still competitive because they are new player in rafting tourism industries in Bali.

(gambar unda river di sini)

After all, there are so many choices to do rafting in Bali, perfect for adrenaline junkie activity. The government gives big concern to maintain the quality of rafting places. But one thing that is so important, you must understand the risk and know the proper way to follow the safety procedures. You can pick any vendor that you like. Stay safe and make sure that you also keep the environment clean.

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