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Recommended Airbnb in Bali with Spectacular View (Part 1)

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What is your definition of great holiday? Spending time in quiet and peaceful place by your self? Living in hype place in the middle of busy urban city? Doing culinary trip with your team? Make sure the itinerary is well planned? Or your sanctuary is the most concern? If the answer is the latter, then this article is dedicated for you. To be honest, sometimes the consideration of sleeping place is not the number one concern for tourist. Maybe they think that it’s not too important because most of the time they will be outside the room, exploring the city during holiday. We are talking about sanctuary in many forms, be it 5-star hotel, budget hostel, apartment, or Airbnb. In this article, we will talk about recommended Airbnb in Bali with spectacular view.  We will list them for your recommendation.

Airbnb in Bali

Booking Airbnb has become common nowadays. This concept is established since 2008, but entered Indonesia in 2013. Since then, this concept challenged the stable tourism industry like hotel and resort. Do you ever book and stay in Airbnb before? Airbnb is a platform where people rent their space for others, with specific rate. The place might be just a shared-room, private room, or whole house. It will be listed in Airbnb, and you can search for what you want through keywords. You can also contact the owner of the house (called host) when there is something that hasn’t been explained in the description. Why does Airbnb concept disturb the tourism industry? The price is competitive, sometimes under the usual and standard rate. The benefits are you can have a whole new experience different with usual hotel, and interacting with the host. You can have new insight about the city from the host, something that you can’t have from hotel. But the downside is sometimes the place is different with the description in website. So before booking for a home, you have to make sure about the review and explanations. Now we will talk about recommended Airbnb in Bali with spectacular view. We hope that by reading along this article, you can easily choose your place to spend holiday in Bali.

BeBaliStay, Back to Nature

Do you come from busy urban city? If yes, then it’s time to know how local people in village interact to each other. It will be interesting to know about their daily life. This Airbnb named BeBaliStay, with back to nature concept. If you choose this Airbnb, you will stay in a house made of recycled wood in the middle of ricefield. Local people take care about this house, 30 people from 3 generations who live not too far from the house. They do farming for living.

(gambar BeBaliStay di sini)

The highlight of this Airbnb is you can experience living like local people. They guarantee that you will be like their family while staying in this home. You can plant the rice; do harvesting; and even feeding chicken, pig, and duck. What a unique experience! With 2 beds and 2 bedrooms, they can accept 4 guests. There are two floors, named The Upstair Joglo and Downstair Studio. The location of this recommended Airbnb in Bali with spectacular view is near Ayung River, Ubud. It is only located 15 minutes drive from the centre of Ubud. If you want to swim during your holiday, don’t worry. This house has infinity swimming pool with beatiful rice terrace view in background. The price starts from 2 million rupiah for one night.

(gambar BeBaliStay di sini)

L’Orange Bali, Perfect “Escape” Home

Each house in Airbnb has different facilities to offer. This one is perfect for you who don’t consider renting transportation or private driver. They can pick you up straight from the airport! Are you coming in large groups? No worries, because L’Orange Bali has 3 villas who can accommodate up to 16 people. This unit is located in Medahan, Gianyar, and Bali. To differentiate it with numerous resorts in Gianyar, it is situated in Cucukan, a small fishing village. Why we call this place is perfect for escape, because the place is so quiet and friendly. The pool, ocean and mountain view will make this place like your private sanctuary.

(gambar l’orange bali di sini)

Even though this place is so natural, the equipments are sophisticated and high technology. If you are taking children with you, then it would be perfect. This villa is just across the famous Bali Safari Park. Want to try some activity? Just come to Beach Horse Riding Farm. You can also access black sand beach. All are available in one place. You will be spoiled by the view, from ocean, beach, to mountain. The owner of this place comes from Losser, Netherland. The price starts from 1,4 million rupiah for one night. This price excludes the maintenance fee, it’s all depends to the host.

(gambar l’orange bali di sini)

Enjoying Spectacular View in Bali by Airbnb

After all, it is your call to enjoy spectacular view in Bali through your stay in Airbnb. There are so many choices in Airbnb, apart from what we resumed above. Choose the one that suits you the most. It depends on your situation, like where is your preferable location, facilities, with or without children, and many other things. Do search and review the Airbnb. Use the feature offered in it. You can always contact the host through direct message and waiting for their reply before deciding to book the place. Ask anything that you think is not yet explained in the Airbnb profile. Also, you have to check the review from previous guests. They wrote honest and blunt reviews that affect the overall score of the house.

The payment for Airbnb is done through credit card. Some house may be booked instantly, but some others are not. Sometimes you have to ask the availability. Most wanted houses usually sold so fast, so you better be quick. Ask anything to your host regarding your stay, as detail as you can. After staying in the Airbnb, then it will be the time for you to give honest review for future guests. In the next article, we will give you another recommendation of Airbnb in Bali with spectacular view. Have a pleasant stay in Airbnb!



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