Recommended Airbnb in Bali with Spectacular View (Part 2)

by March 5, 2018

What is your most important requirement while planning for holiday? Do you give the biggest effort to get affordable airline tickets? Are you type of person who plans the itinerary in detail? Or you are the kind of person who does research for the best accommodation? If you are the latter, keep reading this article, as it might be useful for you.

Enjoying the spectacular view of Bali will be perfect if you stay in great place. Continuing from the previous article, we will talk more about recommended Airbnb in Bali with spectacular view. Mostly the list includes houses with great location and landscape. Well, spending time in Bali is about back to nature. So it would be perfect to mingle with the natural view and fresh air. Why Airbnb? We choose to highlight recommendation of Airbnb because they offer unique experience. Unlike chain hotels or even 5 star resorts, Airbnb houses have story to tell. You can get new family from the owner of the house. You will get experience staying in well-managed house. And you can learn to give and take feedbacks based on your stay. So, let’s continue to talk about recommended Airbnb in Bali with spectacular view.

Find Peace in Zen Hideaway Villa

The first list of recommended Airbnb in Bali with spectacular view is Zen Hideaway Villa, located in Ubud. If we can conclude what is the highlight of this house, it will be the view. It’s like all the landscapes are available in this villa. Surrounded by green hills, this villa is just next to clear Ayung River. Looking to the front, you will see beautiful waterfall. Next to this villa, there is rice field and the magnificent Agung Mountain. What more can you expect?

(gambar super zen di sini)

We know that this house has historical story because it was established 150 years ago. The main construction is made of wood. The owner adapted Japanese concept while maintaining this villa. Once you come to this house, you will feel the aesthetic ambience. It is 2 level wood house with chic interior design. The upper floor offers huge open air and dining space. Though the concept is rustic and wood house, it provides high technology equipments.

(gambar super zen 2 di sini)

It’s not difficult to reach this villa; just about 20 minutes drive from Ubud. You can bring along your family and friends because this house can accept up to 5 guests. And if you are adrenaline junkie, try the swing! All the guests of this property may use it. Canggu Beach is also available in 50 minutes drive distance for surfers.

(gambar swing super zen di sini)

So if you are looking for quiet place to meditate, write, contemplate, or anything, this villa will be perfect. Just prepare 3,5 million rupiah to book this property for one night.

Surf Bungalow in Uluwatu

After reviewing quiet and peaceful villa in Ubud, the next recommended Airbnb in Bali with spectacular view is located at Uluwatu, called Surf Bungalow. This place will be perfect for surfers! Famous beaches are located not too far from Uluwatu, like Padang-padang, Bingin, and Uluwatu. Not only that, there is also infinity pool within this property that you can access anytime you want.

(gambar surf bungalow 1)

Basically this bungalow is a room for 2 people. You don’t need to ask about the comfort inside the room, because they provide the best facilities for you to rest. For daily help, you can ask the staff who is standby in here. And if you don’t have any idea of how to reach this place, simply contact them and they will pick you up from airport. For every day transport, you can rent motorcycle to stroll around Uluwatu.

(gambar surf bungalow 2)

The owner of this place is Carlos, who has been living in Bali for long time. He is a painter and builds his private art studio around this bungalow. So it means that when you are staying in this place, you can get new friend like Carlos and get to know more about painting and art! The price for this bungalow starts from 1,5 million rupiah for one night. Enjoy!

“White” Tara Suite

The next recommended Airbnb in Bali with spectacular view is Tara Suite. You don’t need to doubt about this place’s quality, because they were the winner of the World Luxury Hotels Awards 2017! The ambience is soft, dreamy, romantic, cosy, and angelic. This place has not too much property inside the room, resonates clarity and innocence. Every corner of this place is designed with love. It’s like the whole suites create tranquility.

(gambar tara suite)

What about the view? The valley outside the glass-panelled room will spoil you. Spend your day in cosy daybed while spending your “me-time”. Outside this suite, you will see green hills, and giant rain tree. During night, you can easily see Milky Way and stars above. There are 3 suites in this property, called Tara, Dewi, and Anjali. If you book the whole suites, you can bring along 8 people with you. But please bear in mind that Tara Suite is located on the upper floor, so it’s not child-friendly.

(gambar tara suite 2)

Nyoman, the estate manager will be at your service any time during the day. You will be satisfied by the service, and also the delicious foods! Don’t forget to allocate your time swimming in the edge infinity pool here. You will be stunned by the beautiful and natural landscape. The price for booking each suite starts from 1,5 million rupiah for a day.

(gambar tara suite 3)


After listing 5 recommended Airbnb in Bali with spectacular view from 2 parts of the articles, now it’s your call. You can simply choose the property according to your location, budget, or preference. Most of the Airbnb recommendations won’t disappoint you because they always prioritize the service for your satisfaction. Just make sure that you do communicate everything in mind with the host before booking the unit. After being ensured about the quality, then it’s your time to pack your bags and stay in these heavenly Airbnb houses! Have a lovely stay!

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